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07. Casting, Soldering & Finishing Equipments
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bench shears Rubber Sprue Base
bench shears
GS 460 bench shears for cutting metal rods and plates 6"
GS 461 bench shears for cutting metal rods and plates 8 "
Rubber Sprue Base
GS 463 Rubber sprue base size:2"
GS 464 Rubber sprue base size:2 1/2"
GS 465 Rubber sprue base size:3"
GS 466 Rubber sprue base size:3 1/2 "
GS 467 Rubber sprue base size:4"
Sprue Base Holder Red Silicon Ring
Sprue Base Holder
GS 468 Sprue Base Holder (Base Mate)
Red Silicon Ring
GS 469 Red silicon ring 3"
GS 470 Red silicon ring 3.1/2"
GS 471 Red silicon ring 4"
Sand casting flask Borax tray round
Sand casting flask
GS 472 Sand casting flask 4¾" X 3" X 2"
Vertical And horizontal fitting
Borax tray round
GS 473 Borax Tray Round 3" x 3/4"
GS 474 Borax Tray Round 4" x 3/4"
plier sprue cutter Wax Master Kit
plier sprue cutter
GS 475 pliers Sprue Cutter Economy
Wax Master Kit
GS 476 Wax Master Kit
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