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05. Brushes
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End Brush Hair Unmounted Hair Brushes
End Brush Hair
GS 304 End brush hair black 3/32"
GS 305 End brush hair white 3/32"
Unmounted Hair Brushes
GS 306 Unmounted hair brush black 3/32" (size 3/4" or 1")
GS 307 Unmounted hair brush white 3/32" (size 3/4" or 1")
Unmounted Steel/Brass Brushes Mounted Hair Brush
Unmounted Steel/Brass Brushes
GS 308 Unmounted steel brush 3/32" (size 3/4" or 1")
GS 309 Unmounted brass brush 3/32" (size 3/4" or 1")
Mounted Hair Brush
GS 310 Mounted hair brush black 3/32" (size 3/4"or 1")
GS 311 Mounted hair brush White 3/32" (size 3/4"or 1")
Mounted Wire Brushes Mounted Soft Felt
Mounted Wire Brushes
GS 312 Mounted wire wheel brushes, brass  3/32"
GS 313 Mounted wire wheel brushes, steel  3/32"
Mounted Soft Felt
GS 314 Mounted soft felt 3/32" 25 X 1p
Scratch Brush plastic spindle
Scratch Brush
GS 315 Scratch brush with fibre bristles
GS 316 Scratch brush with brass bristles
plastic spindle
GS 317 Plastic spindle with 1/8" shank whole
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