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17. Hammers & Mallets
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Hammer with anodized handle 5 in 1 Dual Head Hammer
Hammer with anodized handle
GS 990B Hammer 2"x1" with anodized handle. Smooth steel head for balanced "hitting" 8.1/2" length
5 in 1 Dual Head Hammer
GS 990 C 5 in 1 Dual Head Hammer (Jaws: 1brass, 1copper, 1nylon, 1plastic and 1 rubber)
Hammers brass 4 in 1 Raw Hide Mallet
Hammers Brass
GS 991 Hammers brass 4 in 1
Raw Hide Mallet
GS 992 Raw Hide Mallet 1" (25MM)
GS 993 Raw Hide Mallet 1-1/4" (32MM)
GS 994 Raw Hide Mallet 1-1/2" (38MM)
GS 995 Raw Hide Mallet 1-3/4" (44MM)
GS 996 Raw Hide Mallet 2" (50MM)
Wooden/Rosewood Mallet
Raw Hide Mallet
GS 996A Raw Hide Mallet Natural 1" (25MM)
GS 996B Raw Hide Mallet Natural 1-1/4" (32MM)
GS 996C Raw Hide Mallet Natural 1-1/2" (38MM)
GS 996D Raw Hide Mallet Natural 1-3/4" (44MM)
GS 996E Raw Hide Mallet Natural 2" (50MM)
Wooden Mallet
GS 997 Wooden mallet 4" x 2"
Wooden/Rosewood Mallet rubber head Mallet
Rosewood Mallet
GS 998 Rosewood mallet 3" x 1"
rubber head Mallet
GS 998 A Rubber head mallet 16.OZ
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