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06. Brushes & Buffs
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Yellow Cotton Brush White Muslin Brush
Yellow Cotton Brush
GS 321 yellow cotton brush 30 x 16p
White Muslin Brush
GS 322 White muslin brush 30 x 16p
Chamois Brush Soft Felt Brush
Chamois Brush
GS 323 Chamois brush 30 x 5p
Soft Felt Brush
GS 324 Soft felt brush 25 x 1p
Polishing Buff Calico Polishing buff double flannel
Polishing Buff Calico
GS 325 Polishing buff calico unbleached 4" x 50 folds
GS 326 Polishing buff calico unbleached 5" x 50 folds
GS 327 Polishing buff calico unbleached 6" x 50 folds
Polishing buff double flannel
GS 328 Polishing buff double flannel 4" x 40 folds
GS 329 Polishing buff double flannel 5" x 40 folds
GS 330 Polishing buff double flannel 6" x 40 folds
Unbleached Calico Buffs white muslin buffs
Unbleached Calico Buffs
GS 331 Unbleached Calico buffs with leather center stitched 4" x 40
GS 332 Unbleached Calico buffs with leather center stitched 5" x 40
GS 333 Unbleached Calico buffs with leather center stitched 6" x 40
white muslin buffs
GS 334 White muslin Buffs unstitched 4" x 50 folds
GS 335 White muslin Buffs unstitched 5" x 50 folds
GS 336 White muslin Buffs unstitched 6" x 50 folds
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