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21. Pliers Stainless Steel
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Plier Long Nose Plier Chain Nose
Plier Long Nose
GS 1191 Plier 5.1/2" long chain nose heavy with v-spring
Plier Chain Nose
GS 1192 Plier 5" chain nose heavy with v - spring s/s
GS 1193 Plier 4.1/2" chain nose with v - spring s/s
Plier Flat Nose Plier Round Nose
Plier Flat Nose
GS 1194 Plier 5" flat nose heavy with v- spring s/s
GS 1195 Plier 4.1/2" flat nose with v- spring s/s
Plier Round Nose
GS 1196 Plier 5" round nose heavy with v-spring s/s
GS 1197 Plier 4.1/2" round nose with v-spring
Plier Side Cutter Plier Top Cutter
Plier Side Cutter
GS 1198 Plier 5" side cutter heavy with v-spring s/s
GS 1199 plier 4.1/2" side cutter with v-spring s/s
GS 1200 plier 5.1/4" side cutter extra heavy with v-spring
Plier Top Cutter
GS 1201 Plier 5" top cutter heavy with v-spring
GS 1202 Plier 4.1/2" top cutter with v-spring
Plier Bent Nose Plier Bent chain nose with spring
Plier Bent Nose
GS 1203 Plier 5.1/4" bent chain nose heavy with v-spring
GS 1204 Plier 4.3/4" bent chain nose with v- spring s/s
Plier Bent Nose
GS 1205 Plier 5.1/4" bent chain nose with spring
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