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22. Polishing Equipment & Accessories
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Grinder Buffer Polishing Compound
Grinder Buffer
GS 1287 Grinder Buffer, 1/6 HP, 2880 RPM AC, 220/230 v, 50 Cycles
GS 1288 Grinder Type Buffer on two sides with polishing cloth
Polishing Compound
GS 1289 Polishing Rouge, Red Compound for Gold and Brass
GS 1290 Polishing Rouge, Extra Super AA for Copper, Brass and Bronze
GS 1291 Polishing, Super Green Composition for finishing Stainless steel
GS 1292 Polishing White composition for Stainless steel, Aluminium and Nickelled
Grinder Hand Operated Polishing Chamois
Grinder Hand Operated
GS 1293 Grinder Hand Operated with Stone 4"
Polishing Chamois
GS 1294 Polishing Chamois Leather 12" x 12"
GS 1295 Polishing Chamois Leather 9" x 9"
GS 1296 Polishing Chamois Leather 6" x 6"
Polishing Siliconised
Polishing Siliconised
GS 1297 Polishing siliconised cloth 12" x 12"
Polishing Cloth
GS 1298 Polishing cloth yellow 12" x 12"
GS 1299 Polishing cloth (lint free) for optical lenses and precious stone 6" x 6"
Polishing Cloth Shinee With Polishing Rough    Polishing Cloth Grey/White    Polishing Cloth Blue/White
Polishing Cloth
GS 1300 Polishing Cloth Shinee With Polishing Rough (Inner Red Cloth Chemically Treated For Cleaning And Polis Hing) 8" X 8"
GS 1301 Same As Above Size 12" X 14"
GS 1302 Treated Jewelers Polishing Cloth 6" X 8" Grey/White
GS 1303 Treated Jewelers Polishing Cloth 6" X 8 " Blue/White
Jewellery Handing Gloves Polishing Mitten Gloves
Jewellery Handing Gloves
GS 227 Jewellery handing gloves gents / ladies Per Pair
Polishing Mitten Gloves
GS 228 Polishing mitten gloves, made of Siliconised Cloth Per Pair
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