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07. Casting, Soldering & Finishing Equipments
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Glass Alcohol Cup with knob Glass Alcohol Cup
Glass Alcohol Cup
GS 392 Glass alcohol cup with knob outside Diameter 3½"
Glass Alcohol Cup
GS 393 Glass alcohol cup with outside diameter 2½" height 2"
Rubber Mixing Bowl Copper pot dual purpose
Rubber Mixing Bowl
GS 394 Rubber mixing bowl 4"
GS 395 Rubber mixing bowl 6"
GS 396 Rubber mixing bowl 8"
Copper pot dual purpose
GS 396 A Copper pot dual purpose of soldering and cleaning finished jewellery wth liquid
Scrapper Hollow/Solid Ingot Mould
GS 397 Scrapper hollow
GS 398 Scrapper solid
ingot Mould
GS 401 Casting block (ingot mould) of cast iron, 3 lines
High Quality Ingot Mould Graphite Crucibles
High Quality Ingot Mould
GS 402 High quality ingot mould 8", black anodised, high grade steel
Graphite Crucibles
GS 403 Graphite Crucibles 1 Kg Capacity 65x125mm
GS 404 Graphite Crucibles 2 Kg Capacity 75x160mm
Graphite Rod  
Graphite Rod
GS 405 Graphite rod 12" X ½"
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