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19. Mandrels
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Mandrel for adalox discs Mandrel with reinforced screw
GS 1037 Mandrel for adalox discs, shank 3/32"
GS 1038 Mandrel with reinforced screw 1/8" shank size
GS 1039 Mandrel with reinforced screw 3/32" shank size
GS 1040 Mandrel 8 mm head useful for thin & brittle discs 3/32" & 1/8" shank sizes
Mandrel to hold prong polisher  
GS 1041 Mandrel to hold prong polisher, 2mm & 3mm
GS 1042 Drill Chuck to suit drills # 70-80, shank 3/32"
20. Pin Vices
Pin tong hexagonal Pin tong Nickelled
Pin tong
GS 1155 Pin tong hexagonal with 2 reversible collets (four mouth)
GS 1156 Pin tong hexagonal with 2 collects (double mouth)
Pin tong
GS 1157 Pin tong american with 2 reversible collets (Four Mouth) 
GS 1158 Pin tong Nickelled for studs, fine tip
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