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15. Files & Handles
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File Riffler Set File Triangular with wooden handle
File Riffler Set
GS 813 File Riffler (set of 12 pcs) in plastic pouch 14cm
File Triangular
GS 814 8" files triangular with wooden handle
File flat with rough grains File flat, Square, Round, Triangle, Half Round
File flat
GS 815 File flat 8" with rough grains for metal chain polishing
File flat
GS 816 4" Files Flat, Square, Round, Triangle, Half Round
GS 817 6" Files Flat, Square, Round, Triangle
GS 818 6" Files Half Round
File spindle triangular Wax file double ended
File spindle triangular
GS 819 File spindle triangular 6.1/2"
Wax file double ended
GS 820 8" Double ended half round wax file
Unbreakable Plastic Handle File Handle
Plastic Handle
GS 827 Unbreakable plastic handle with non slip grip
File Handle
GS 828 Twist on File  handle wood, steel die inserts will securely hold 6" Files
Collet Type File Handle Collet Type Handle
File Handle
GS 829 Collet type needle file handle with smooth wood handle hold 14cm & 16 cm Files
Collet Type Handle
GS 830 Collet type needle file handle with plastic handle 
Needle File Handle File Wooden Handles
Needle File Handle
GS 831 Needle File Handle Pocket Type
File Wooden Handles
GS 832 Handles Wooden for Files (A) 4"
GS 833 Handles Wooden for Files (B) Slim
GS 834 Handles Wooden for Files (C) Balloon
GS 835 Handles Wooden for Files (D) 3"
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